Essay On Gene Editing

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Editing of the human genome in the past has been only a sight seen in dystopia works such as Brave New World. Now, genetic enhancement is a prevalent today and people are beginning to realize the issues that can arise from creating these designer babies. Gene editing can be helpful to eradicate life changing disabilities. Yet, the term disability does not correctly label these differently abled people, as the idea of what is considered disabled has changed overtime. To fully understand the consequences and implications of genetic selection and enhancement of human embryos, society must mature and declare lines of what is and is not ethically moral. Gene editing is the alteration of a person’s genetic material to delete undesirable traits or to create desirable new ones. Scientists can identify a defective DNA strand to be cut out and changed, then they use a protein that acts like scissors to cut out the improper gene and cells, then a healthy strand of DNA is inserted at the cut site and enzymes repair it (Crow). The goal of gene editing is to treat genetic disorders. Gene editing could potentially decrease or even …show more content…

This therapy changes the outcome of a child who would have likely had to live the rest of their life with a life-threatening disability. Genome editing is the road that humans can take towards the interest of preventing and treating diseases. It’s being explored in research in single gene disorders such as cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, and sickle cell disease. It’s also likely that with further research, treatment and prevention of more complex diseases such as cancer, heart disease, mental illnesses, and HIV can be treated (“What Are Genome Editing and CRISPR-Cas9”). Helping babies live longer and fuller lives is for the greater good of our society, it will reduce suffering overall which is the goal of

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