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Genealogy is the study of families and their lineage, and many individuals are applying this science to the study of their own family ancestry. Once they use genealogy to find the link, they can then learn more about the lives of their ancestors, which allows them to learn more about themselves. Many individuals are quite amazed at what they find out about their lineage. They may find that they are descendants of kings, dukes, and historical figures. Others may find out that they are descendants of individuals who were poor and they find that their family overcame extreme adversity. It is rather fascinating what one can find out about their family through the proper research.

The research

The word "research" seems like an ugly word because
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It is not just a matter of looking on the Internet, although the Internet serves as a very valuable resource for finding genealogy information. There are valuable websites out there that contain information provided by those who have done their own research. However, you may not know where that research was carried out and if it is accurate. You can take that information and try to verify it by looking through courthouse and cemetery records, newspapers, and other sources. If you can verify it, then you know that it is correct.

If you find that your family ancestry involves historical figures, it can become somewhat easier to track down their ancestry for the fact that historical figures usually have well-outlined family histories.

The purpose

It is always nice to find out where we came from. We like to know about those individuals responsible for our existence. We want to know who they were, what they did that was significant, where they lived, what illnesses they had, and so much more. You can certainly learn a lot about yourself just by knowing a lot about them.

Another aspect that makes genealogy research so great is that you can pass the information down from generation to generation. Basically, this is a way to keep everyone's memory alive. As long as everyone remembers these ancestors, they are never truly gone.

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