Genetic Engineering Persuasive Essay

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Genetic engineering in humans, as influencing and promising as it sounds, is actually a whole new area of discovery in which we know very little about, and making mistakes could be dire to an individual’s life. We know that this could lead to a breakthrough but it can end very badly, and also make humanity have a lack of genetic diversity between humans. There’s also the threat of a “perfect humanity” in which everyone has a planned course and there would seem to be no variation among humans which is what makes us feel unique and feel as though we have the ability to create an impact on society. We can acknowledge the benefits of genetically modifying in human beings, but we have to look at it without bias and acknowledge the fact that there is still a huge margin of uncertainty. Overall, genetically modifying human beings is…show more content…
There could be catastrophic effects such as a plague or another arms race to make new weapons of mass destruction, for we don't know what our future holds or how we can approach the problems in our future. Also, with a religious heavy specie as we are, we know how valued many are to their own religion. This ideal may make people stray away from the topic of genetic engineering, for they may view it as dangerous, or even inflicting on their beliefs. This may leave a small amount of people receiving genetic engineering to which it may die out. It may also lead a purge against people who were genetically modified, or genetically modified families, for they may seem to be "unholy" or "playing God." History tells us a lot about religious followers and the measures they are willing to take to step for what they believe is righteous and praised, whether that may be hunting down the one they believe trying to take the role of their
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