Essay On Genetic Engineering

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Introduction Genetic engineering or genetic modification is the manipulation of a more advanced master program, genes. It is often the addition or removal of specific favoured genes from a species and implanted in a totally unrelated species. These genes can come from animals, bacteria, viruses and even food and plants. Genetic engineering proved the statement that one gene carries only one property wrong. A gene is dependent on its location and the interactions it has with other genes in its master program. Therefore, the implantation of genes causes an unpredictable change. Therefore, the method of genetic engineering is hard to decide beforehand where the modification of genes in a species will stick in the master program. This adds to the unpredictability of the outcome of genetic engineering. The safety of Genetic Engineering is a…show more content…
The generally population doesn’t know what the real meaning of genetically modified crops are and they are unaware of the effects it plays on our digestive system and our bodies as a whole. Aim: To investigate whether genetically modified food crops are effecting our health in a good or a bad way. Motivation: This project was a motivation to choose this research topic because it showed how fascinating Genetic Engineering is, by the way our knowledge and technology has grown so much over the years allowing us to modify the genetic code of genes to our specific liking. It was through that fascination that people wanted to learn more about Genetics and how they can be modified. A lot of experiments and projects have been done to food crop sources all over the world in the altering of their genes that made it a good topic to
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