Genetically Modified Foods Research Paper

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Genetically modified crops are the leading agricultural food products not only in the Philippines but, mostly worldwide. It is now known that there are several mechanisms for DNA transfer. Genetically modified food are plants that have been generated in a laboratory by altering and changing their genetic makeup and have been tested in the laboratory for aimed qualities .This is usually done by adding one or more gene(s) in a plant’s genome using genetic engineering techniques. Plants are modified for insect, fungal, viral or herbicide resistance, for changed nutritional content, improved taste, and also for improved storage life. Genetically modified organisms is an organism which genetic materials had been altered using different genetic engineering techniques. These process is commonly being done in different variety of plants now a days for a purpose. Whitman (2000) said on her research that genetically modified crops are…show more content…
Through modification, the crops can grow faster that can satisfy human needs. According to Bawa and Anilakumar (2013) GM foods are useful in controlling the occurences of certain diseases. By modifying the DNA system of these foods, the properties causing allergies are eliminated successfully. These foods grow faster than the foods that are grown traditionally. The research also showed that the GM foods have high nutrients and contain more minerals and vitamins compared to the traditional crops. Key et (2008) GM technology offers a way to alleviate some of these problems by engineering plants to express additional products that can combat malnutrition. The authors trying to say that genetically modified crops can produce more nutrients that are needed by the human body. Whitman (200) stated that genetically modified crops are drought/salinity tolerant. These plants can withstand long periods of drought or
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