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Genetically modified crops are the leading agricultural food products not only in the
Philippines but, mostly worldwide. It is now known that there are several mechanisms for DNA transfer. Genetically modified food are plants that have been generated in a laboratory by altering and changing their genetic makeup and have been tested in the laboratory for aimed qualities .This is usually done by adding one or more gene(s) in a plant’s genome using genetic engineering techniques. Plants are modified for insect, fungal, viral or herbicide resistance, for changed nutritional content, improved taste, and also for improved storage life. Genetically modified organisms is an organism which genetic materials had been altered using
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Key et. al. said in their research that genetically modifying organisms is done by recombining the test subject’s existing DNA with other DNAs (which test subject doesn’t poses) from different organisms (Key, et. al. 2008) . This process requires complicated genetic engineering techniques to achieve the expected result.

Another result of genetically modifying crops is boosting the productivity time of crops. Genetic
Engineering shortens the time needed in growing commercial crops. Some scientists said that the standard time of breeding cycle is 10-15 years. But now, with the help of genetic engineering it takes only 2-3 years to breed new commercial crops (Kidd 1994).

In the modern days, producing and dissemination of Gm crops has approved in different countries worldwide. Increasing the number of cultivated areas and also the number of traits being modified in the crop is becoming clearer to the vision and understanding of people (James,

How Genetically Modified Crops (GMC’s) came about?
There are 6 Billion people living today. And in the next 50 years, these numbers are xpected to double. Finding enough source of food for the expanding population would certainly be a problem but, GM crops ensures that they will meet this kind of demand in crops (Whitman

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