Essay On Gentrification In The 21st Century

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Describe how Gentrification has Changed the Landscape of London in Recent Decades, and then Explain how ‘Super-Gentrification’ is Changing it Today Giang Thanh Công Geography Jill Fenton, Oliver Zanetti Queen Mary London 18.02.2018 Gentrification refers to the process of renovating deteriorated neighborhoods in urban centers while super gentrification means transforming upper middle class neighborhoods that had already been gentrified into enclaves that are exclusive and more expensive Atkinson (2016). In the landscape of London, gentrification and super gentrification are happening because of intense investments and consumptions that are conspicuous by super rich financiers who want to invest in London. Atkinson (2016) argues…show more content…
These tourists have had the opportunity to explore many places of London discovering many business opportunities and thus some have ended up investing in the landscapes of London increasing employment opportunities to the residents. Butler (2001) adds that since the communities now had a lot of money flowing to them it led to flourished local streets. Thus, from the recent decade’s poverty rate reduced due to gentrification that happened on the landscapes of…show more content…
This is based on the fact that the super-rich people desire to be around areas that offer closure, security, access that is free flowing and are close to the best amenities. In this kind of setting their very private lifestyles are achieved by the use private vehicles, private drivers, private guards, doorways that are manned, communities that are gated and also prohibiting access to their private

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