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“‘I was alone in the emptiness,’ the god proclaimed, ‘and could find no place to stand.’ Nevertheless, beside him, he could feel the gods that were yet to exist. ‘They were with me, these deities waiting to be born. I came into being and Becoming became.’ The gods emerged, to reign first on earth and then in the heavens, and history began.” ( Many questions come from this quote. It is one that was inscribed upon a coffin, discussed in ‘Egypt: where gods are born and go to die’. This statement brings in the spiritual essence of the ancient land. With regards to the diversity of the world’s religious sect: one of the oldest hails from the African continent. Egypt, many references are made in Holy Scriptures, such as the Bible, and many a scholar flock to unlock some of the country’s deep, rich history. Many questions and discoveries were made along the way and various questions may arise. The one that will be heavily dissected in this paper is in regards to the influence of geography and Egypt’s theology. Can the geographic nature of the land have influenced their religious practices? Is the mythology of the ancient world relative enough to the geopolitical nature of its society and…show more content…
The modes of transportation and trade were far sparser and the affluence of each society upon the world was not as far-reaching. Until trade routes and the crusades, which Egypt was a precursor for those, began to increase so could the change to the lives of the Egyptians. To question if the sole reason for their religious development could change if the land formations were different is plausible. However, to take that thought and push it a step further; to prove so by the effects of internal/external
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