German Expressionism Analysis

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German expressionism is a type of theatre style that surfaced during World War 1 in Germany. When Germany became isolated from the rest of the world due to their stance on the war, international films were banned. This caused the German film industry to thrive and create a new style that would inspire future film creators for decades. Due to the seclusion, they utilised that type of feeling in their story line and set, makeup and costume design. Their overall messages of death, chaos and fear, are a direct emulation of what every citizen was feeling at the time. Classic features of German Expressionism consist of dark and abstract sets and heavy shadows. However, this is not limited to set, the makeup and costume design also use heavy shadows-…show more content…
For the main character, Red, her eyebrows will be filled in a way that makes them look sunken. Part of her lips will be concealed to give the illusion that her lips are smaller than actuality, this gives her a pouty and innocent look. She also wears a black mesh skirt that resembles a tutu, and has her hair is pigtails with ribbon in them. These outfit choices were decided due to them holding characteristics of one that a child would wear. The girls on the other hand have- for the most part- their hair and makeup the same as Red’s mother, light brown eyeshadow, slight contour and pink lipstick, with their hair in neat curls. The girls also wear outfits that are similar to a 1950’s suburban housewife, displaying a sense of maturity at a younger age. Where? Two prime examples of where characters act opposite of their genuine age is in the movie Vincent and Edward Scissorhands. In Vincent, Vincent Malloy is a 7-year-old boy, but holds characteristics of an adult due to his aspiration to be like his idol, Vincent Price. Edward from Edward Scissorhands is a young adult that appears child-like and has a strong sense of naivety. Edward’s eyebrows are sunken and part of his lips are concealed, creating a sad and innocent look. Vincent, however, has got a moustache and dresses in outfits that Vincent Price would wear, who was a middle aged man at the

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