Reasons For German Reunification

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German reunification Why was this necessary? How was it achieved? What sort of problems were encountered?
The German reunification took place on the 1st of July 1990. It took place to join the east and west of Germany. It was the joining of the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany. Before all of this the East and West were divided by the Berlin Wall. The wall had stood as an statue for the political and economic division between the East and West, a divide that had been referred to as the "Iron Curtain". This was torn down in 1989 after a motivating speech by Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev. In May 1989, Hungary kocked their border fence and thousands of East Germans left for the West. On 18 May 1990, the two German
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The German ITC sector is considered the most innovative in the world. Around 9 percent of the current international patent applications in the field of ITC have been submitted my German companies. Germany is home to the world’s largest IT fair, CeBIT, this occurs every year. It attracts more than 3400 exhibitors coming from 75 different countries worldwide. This sector is massive in Germany and very important it employs over 930,000 people.
The Federal Association of the German tourism Industry is the head office for tourism in Germany, this is also known as the BTW. The germans love to travel, mobility and travel are massive to them. There are around 150 million business travels registered each year in Germany. The tourism sector is one of Germany’s largest employment sector it employs around 2.9 million people in the industry. The BTW was established in 1995, it covers all of the needs and interests of the tourism industry in
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The BTW invites policy makers to take into account the industry’s efforts and tries to avoid new disproportionate obligations.
• Consumer protection without overcompensating and undercompensating and understanding of the results of impact
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