Essay On Ghetto In The 19th Century

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After being taken from their ghettos or homes, the jews or other people would be put in cattle cars and ride for days. There would be hundreds of people crammed into one car. They were brought in by the ten thousands. After a long ride, they would eventually arrive at Treblinka in the reception area. There they would undress and lose possession of all their belongings-which would eventually be sent back to Lublin, Germany for profit. People would than be sorted into different groups. The larger group would be sent down a long path called the “tube”. The prisoners would run naked down this path to what they thought would be a shower. Once they arrived there they would go into what looked like showers. Than someone would say “Ivan, Water!”…show more content…
For breakfast prisoners would be given a watered down coffee, and sometimes a bite of bread. For lunch prisoners got a watery soup, and if lucky it would have a turnip or potato peel. Dinner was the meal everyone looked forward to. Prisoners were given a small piece of bread, and sometimes a piece of cheese, sausage or some marmalade. Prisoners were expected to make it through the night, so many people would save their bread to eat during the night when they got hungry. That caused a problem, because a bunch of starving people, led to fighting over pieces of…show more content…
Most people died from going to the gas chamber. In fact, there were about 20,000 people gassed everyday. Another common cause death was from an epidemic of typhoid, that was caused by malnutrition. Death also came from starvation, and exhaustion. It also was known that guards would beat inmates at anytime. If you got on their bad side, or if they were in a bad mood, you could be randomly be beat. All of these terrible ways to die, compelled people to commit suicide. Treblinka had an average of 15 to 20 suicides per day, mainly coming from people running into the electric fences, or hanging

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