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History The giant panda is a prized animal to the chinese people and the subject of many old legends, as well as being very protected from the expanding world around them. At one time, the giant panda occupied very much of China, but currently the pandas are limited to a number of reserves and forests in central China (Figure 3). An old Chinese legend tells us how the panda got its “tears”. It talks about how a long time ago, “when pandas were white all over,” one panda liked to play with the herd of a “much-loved shepherdess.” One tragic day, a leopards attacked the panda, and the girl tried to save it. In the process of saving and defending the panda, the girl was killed by the leopard. At her funeral, all other pandas come. In their sorrow, it is said that they covered their arms with ash, and hugged themselves. They also wiped the tears away from their faces and covered their ears so they didn’t have to hear themselves crying. This is only a legend, but a fascinating idea of how they came to be black and white (Encyclopedia 1591). Another famous story about the giant pandas is the tale of Su Lin. Back in the beginning of the nineteenth century, approximately 1800, the news about the black-and-white bear spread, and it had become a much wanted prize. The giant panda was very rare back then and very unknown to…show more content…
The gestation of the panda is around 84-184 days. The newborn’s eyes are shut tight and cry loudly quite often (National Zoo). At only days old, the baby panda’s limbs are weak, and it can’t move very well. It relies on its mother to be fed, cleaned, and the mother’s licking “stimulates urination and defecation.” Through its cries, the baby panda strengthens its relationship with its mother. At a few months old, the young panda begins to resemble an adult panda. By the time it is four months old, the panda is developed and ready to play. (National
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