Essay On Giardiasis

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Epidemiology Giardiasis is a global disease. It infects nearly 2% of the adults and 6% to 8% of children in developed countries worldwide. Nearly 33% of people in developing countries have had giardiasis. In the United States, Giardia infection is the most common intestinal parasitic disease affecting humans (Kappus, 1994). Between 2006-2008 in the United States, known cases of giardiasis were twice as high between June to October as they were between January to March (CDC, 2010). Anyone can be infected by Giardia. However, those at greater risk are: 1. Travelers to countries where giardiasis is common 2. People who drink contaminated water 3. Campers who drink untreated water from lakes or rivers 4. People who have contact with…show more content…
Food borne transmission from infected food workers is also a factor of successful transmission (Quick, 1992). Handwashing, proper washing of raw vegetables and use of gloves in the preparation of food are essential to prevent foodborne transmission of Giardia. Animal sources of Giardia are common. Except for G. intestinalis, the ability of Giardia species found in non-human sources to cause human illness is unclear. G. intestinalis are commonly found in domestic animals such as dogs and cats, and a variety of wild animals. Infected beavers have been implicated in waterborne outbreaks of giardiasis. In the study conducted by the Bureau of Public Health in Wisconsin, the incidence of giardiasis was a steady decrease in the number of reported cases from year 1990-2000. The incidence of giardiasis in age and gender were also analyzed. It was highest among children from 5 years old. Also, an increase in incidence was noted among women in the 20 to 39 age group. The number of cases began to increase in June and peaks in late summer and early autumm with highest number of cases reported in
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