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The medium that I chose for my reimagining of Gilgamesh is a poem. The writing process that I undertook was chosen in order to convey my unbridled interpretation of the narrative. Poems are very eloquent in the fact that they are concise and give artistic freedom to the writer, and this was the main reason I decided to create a poem. Not only does a poem grant me the freedom to express my opinions of the story, it affords me the opportunity to exercise opinions in ways that other avenues would not allow. I was inspired to do my project on Gilgamesh in part by the story itself, and partly because of the impact that the story has had on literature throughout history. Although in today’s society Gilgamesh’s over-the-top machismo and acts of hyper-masculinity are seen as a hackneyed trope, in its time, Gilgamesh’s quests were awe-inspiring to audiences. One of the most enthralling parts of the tale is when Gilgamesh and Enkidu are on their way to fight Humbaba because of the vivid description of their journey, and the fact that this is the first time Gilgamesh showcases his combat expertise. Even though there are exaggerations throughout the story, the story reflects the culture and morals of the Mesopotamian society it was written in.…show more content…
I accomplished this through the use of somewhat informal language, such as “guy”, and incorporating a rhyme scheme in various parts. I also used capitalization as a tool to provide emphasis on certain words that otherwise might not be significant enough to the reader. While my version of Gilgamesh is quite different from the original, it still remains true enough to the original that a reader would be able to understand the main storyline. I think a short poem is the perfect way to reinterpret Gilgamesh due to the fact that the source material itself is an epic
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