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Imagine you are in the moist, dense, Amazon Jungle. You hear rustling, and movement in the bushes. But what is it? The answer is a mystery to the Amazon, a see through amphibian, that has a long tongue for catching insects, and long legs for jumping, also known as the glass frog. The glass frog is just like any other frog, but has a different appearance. The habitat and the mating and young are mostly the same. The glass frog is a species of frog that is entirely transparent, with their organs visible underneath their skin. reported, “The glass frog’s flesh is entirely transparent, allowing you to see the internal organs, including the heart pumping away. The flesh thus takes on the hue of surrounding vegetation, making the…show more content…
The prefer to live in high treetops, above the water. stated, “Excellent eyesight allows easy detection of the potential prey. Glass frog(s) (are) Carnivore(s). (They) eat insects with soft bodies and different types of spiders.” also stated, “Due to their small size, glass frogs are easy target(s) of large predators. Main enemies of glass frogs are snakes, mammals and birds.” In the wild, Glass frogs usually live between 10-14 years. Glass frogs mate after rainy season, or during light showers. Female frogs lay between 10 and 30 eggs on the undersides of the leaves that hang above water, so the tadpoles can easily get to it. The tadpoles will hatch after two weeks and drop into the water. Some species of the frog will bury themselves in the ground, and go through metamorphosis underground, until they turn into adults. Other species go through metamorphosis in the water. South America has many mysteries, and will always have many mysteries. The glass frog will be one of them for a while. Its appearance is part of the mystery, and it mates and lays eggs like any other frog. Its predators and diet depend on its habitat, and almost everything else about it too. Advanced technology will eventually figure out its mysteries, but until then the glass frog will remain a mysterious creature in the Amazon

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