The Ethical Shopper

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Ever wondered what it means? Or why it’s important? And how the heck one goes about doing it? For some reason, I think about these things all the time. Growing up, I was always drawn to seeing the connections between my life and the bigger world. When I moved to Cambodia and lived there for six years, I began to see some of the connections literally – like the factories that produce the clothes I wear and the (mostly) women who make them. Now back in Canada, I continue to walk the journey of what it means to be a good global neighbor. Here are some of the ways I’ve found helpful in my own journey of connecting with the world. Hopefully in the process, I’m becoming a more thoughtful, active and compassionate global citizen. Be an active local…show more content…
In the 1990’s, the United States refused to sell clothes made in Cambodia unless it opened its garment factories to regular inspections by the International Labour Organization. Appropriate pressure can make a huge difference.This is where we come in. As citizens of democratic nations, we have the freedom and power of our voice – we can use this to serve others. So, write letters to Members of Parliament and Senators advocating for policy changes that impact other countries. Keep Perspective This one is the hardest thing to do, but so important. My husband and I are parents to three pre-schoolers. Much of our time is spent juggling careers and parenting and trying to keep our house from looking like a bunch of hooligans tore it apart. We make decisions every day that prioritize certain things over others, because we simply cannot do it all. And that’s okay.We’ve chosen to follow through with the things we’re most passionate about, in the space and time we do have, in this hectic season of
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