Essay On Global Climate Change

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GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE: A NATURAL PHENOMENON Can you imagine what will happen to the world if global climate change continous? Our world today is dying. Because of the presence of different pollution the green world that we have in the earlier times turns into blood today. One of the problems that we are facing is climate change. According to researchers, Climate change is a significant time variation in weather patterns occurring over periods ranging from decades to millions of years. Climate change may refer to a change in average weather conditions, or in the time variation of weather around longer- term average conditions. But the question now is, Is climate change a man- made or a natural phenomenon? Both natural and human factors change…show more content…
These events are a natural part of the global climate system. El Nino is associated with a warming of the central and eastern tropical Pacific. It occurs when the trade winds blowing from east to west over the Pacific Ocean becomes slightly weaker than usual. It results shortage of food, drying of crops, and shortage of water supply. Opposite to El Nino event is the La Nina event. It is a continuous cooling effect in some areas. It occurs when the surface water in the eastern Pacific is cool. It results Flood and destroyed of crops. Both of these internal variability is a change in our climate patterns. Other people misinterpret this, they taught that it is man- made, but they don’t know that it is a natural occurrence. As a summary, Global climate change is not man- made, it is a natural phenomenon. It is caused by natural factors such as variations in the sun’s output, volcanic eruptions, and internal variability like El Nino and La Nina. Since global climate change is a natural phenomenon we must always keep in our mind that “We cannot prevent Global climate change, but we can lessen it”. Another thing is “ We cannot stop global climate change but we can prepare before it
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