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Discussion Assignment Week 5 Globalisation

In this world some countries are very rich and developed and some are very poor and undeveloped. There are many things that affect the development of a country -or the lack of development. I am going to investigate the problems which Pakistan faces, particularly the problems which the World Bank emphasises for lifting countries out of the so-called ‘poverty-trap’. Pakistan faces many problems, and I am going to describe two of them; its geography and its education system. These are both areas which the W B and UNDP believe can make a difference to countries, if they are dealt with.
First, geographical problems have a bad effect on the economy of Pakistan and its development. Pakistan has 70 % of its income based upon agriculture, but now there is no reliable source of water. This is because all of the rivers coming from India have no water any more due to dams which were built by India to save water for their agriculture. Due to lack of water the production of food has become less and the income of country is affected. Farmers become poorer and the development process in the villages is bad. Natural Disasters are also a factor which directly affects the development process and economy.
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These are the big differences between developed countries and Pakistan. If Pakistan is to develop and escape from the ‘poverty trap, where it has been for nearly seventy years, it should make a proper plan to control and improve these two major factors. Investment in education and in clean water and agriculture needs to be increased and the spending of a huge amount on weapons should be decreased. In this way it could begin a development process such as those suggested by the World Bank and similar

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