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The sum and substance of the globalization of media is the advent of the world becoming a village accessible in its entirety and substance through different mediums invoking the impart of news and knowledge instantly throughout the hemisphere without any discrimination, fear or favor. Nothing is concealed in the dissemination and it is truly and significantly available across the globe. In fact one can say it is available significantly across the universe through satellites. In today’s world and age media has become crucial and in-fact critical in every individual’s life. It is said that media is a mirror of our contemporary society. It is constantly influencing the people around it in numerous and unending ways and aspects. Nowadays media in its own rights inculcates…show more content…
Digitalization of the technologies as well as the Internet has made it possible for us to seek, share and assimilate any information around the world within a fraction of a moment. Due to such advancements, media technology has been able to open the doors for realms of new and unending possibilities in the coming years and hence we know that this is just the beginning of Globalization and we have much more to see. Media’s role has always been to provide to the masses from every background, culture and class a clear-cut reality and perspective of the scientific, social, cultural, educational and political world. This nature of media, which makes it easily accessible to all the people in every part of the world on a “real time basis”, results in its global nature and because of its this fundamental power to reach a large number of people in every part of the world in a single micro-moment to basically convey a message or address any situation is what really makes media totally global in today’s

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