The Benefits Of Going To College

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“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”(Maya Angelou). The college has become one of the most common choice for high school students, however, it is still the huge decision left out for the students to choose whether going or not going to college. People often say success is to get a high paying job and be rich. Is this really true? When ending up studying 48 hours the night before the college exam just to go to college and look “successful” to other people, you might realize that there could have been other choices than going to college. Although people modern days tend to naturally think after high school, it’s college. Students should think about ways other than going to college too, because there are a lot of choices without going to college, college is not the only way to have a better job and success. Some people may say stop dreaming about a great future like Steve Jobs without going to college or even telling you that the only way to have a successful life is to go to a good college, get a good job, and merry to have a perfect family. All those things seem to face the reality…show more content…
Not all students can graduate in four years, many of the students take longer which means their student loan rises. According to Student Loan Hero, the average student loan debt for 2016 graduate is $37,172, this is more than a yearly earning of a normal firefighter. Student loans can cause many important things to delay. According to CNN Money,”Forty-one percent of the more than 200 people surveyed said they have delayed saving for retirement, 40% have put off buying cars, while 29% have postponed home purchases”(Blake). This shows that going to college isn’t the best choice for all, student debt is often very high, as many graduates cannot get high paying jobs, paying the student loans becomes the first priority of many graduates, causing many other things to be
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