Goldfish Diseases Research Paper

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Goldfish Diseases,
Symptoms and Possible Cures

There is a huge range of Goldfish Diseases and Goldfish illnesses such as parasites and infections. These effects are usually increased by overcrowding and not sufficient aquarium care. We will highlight here a few of the diseases particularly relevant to the goldfish. While most can be prevented, it can occur in even the best kept tanks.


FUNGUS Goldfish diseases

This is caused by (Achyla and Saprolegnia) and is a common disease to aquarium fishes, but usually only effect fish that are already in a poor condition (the reason for this is not clear). The spores that give rise to this infection are quite common in water, and can only get access to the skin of fishes that's
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It is very easy to diagnose the disease, as it appears as white dots or spots on the skin, gills and fins. It typically looks like white sugar grains.

Heavily infected fishes will scrape themselves against rocks and other decorations in the tank. White-spot is usually introduced into aquariums with new fishes, live foods or new plants. We suggest that you quarantine all new fish and plants for two to three weeks with a proper treatment of white spot remedy. A good product range are now freely available on the market and white-spot can be treated very affectively.


This is one of the Goldfish diseases that are often caused by a systematic bacterial infection. This spreads through the body of the fish and manifests itself as ulcers, reddened areas on the skin, raised boils and reddening at the fin bases and the vent. Loss of appetite, tiredness and listless behaviour is some of the other
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The best way of treatment is to remove the parasites with a pair of tweezers. Hold the fish in a damp cloth when doing this. Disinfect the aquarium afterwards with a suitable remedy available from your pet shop.

FISH POX Goldfish diseases

Although this disease mainly affects Koi fish it also seems to be found less frequently in goldfish and other species. A white, light pink and also sometimes a greyish waxy growth on the skin and fins are symptoms of this. The growth tends to appear, develop and then disappear again.

The growth is caused by a viral infection in the cells of the fish’s body. It seems that fish pox is not very infectious and don’t pass between fish. This is about all known so far about this disease and is more unsightly than dangerous to the fish. No reliable treatment is available so far and the fish keeper must learn to accept it for the time being.

DROPSY (Pinecone disease)

This Godfish diseases is commonly confused with kidney bloat but caused usually by bacteria Pseudonomas or Aeromonas. The bacteria profoundly attack the fish’s kidneys. There is a distinct difference apart from that it also causes swelling of the abdomen and is combined with 100% scale protruding over the body and bulging of the

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