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In reflection of Good to Great, as professional in leadership I ask myself what does it require to become a level five leader. I believe it is not something that happens overnight, it takes time and simply effort to develop into a level five leader. This very fact, gives me hope that perhaps in the future, through hard work, dedication, empathy and humility that one day I will be a level five leader. Good to Great reinforces the importance of having the capabilities that are needed for the other four levels. In other words, one who is a level five leader, has mastered the other four levels and have the exceptional balance of humility and the will for excellence. In reading Good to Great, I have derived to the conclusion, that level five leadership are individuals who have the skill set to develop others into level five leaders. In order to do this, the level five…show more content…
At the age of two my son started going to an early childcare development school and the had a mission that I was very impressed with. Their mission was that were an organization that teach in a way to encourage, motivate and provoke transformation in toddlers and youths. This organization offered training classes to After-School teachers. The training would provide the teachers with instruments and competences to teach the children to have self-expression and mentally strong participants of citizens they will develop into. They also believe in that all toddlers and youth have the moral right to be respected, cherished, treasured, educated and simply loved. This chapter got the best of me emotionally because I believe, children should be recognized for their exceptional age-related requirements, their capabilities, and their flexibility. Also, to develop and bring out the very best in them, for they are the most valuable asset we have, for they are our
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