Essay On Goodness And Badness

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Goodness is a central question of life. Humankind tends to be good and the whole humankind seeks to the question of what goodness is. People throughout the history have changed notions of goodness, so strongly; and as a result, it has caused difficulties in defining goodness. Also it is obvious that people often correlate goodness and badness to their current requirements and needs. People tend to categorize everything; and since the beginning of human existence people use such words as morality, generosity, ethics, kindness to describe the goodness; and immorality, coarseness, infirmity to describe badness. However, the overabundance of sources which define goodness and badness such as society, religions, newspapers and social networks…show more content…
Everything would be meaningless. Thereby, goodness and badness are inseparable notions. Just imagine the world where everything is only good or bad. People would respond to every action with the same emotion. Killing people would seem as an act of goodness or doing charity as bad thing. For this reason, existence of goodness and badness become important as never before. To put it briefly, we can say that nowadays society and religions play the significant role in defining goodness and badness, however, it appears obviously that goodness and badness can exist despite the society and religions because such thing as morality is incorporated in human nature. Every act of goodness and badness have their own purpose and do not have something in common. Because some people do good deeds in order to satisfy themselves or to feel themselves worthy of something. Even if going against society is unpleasant and difficult it is TWO-FACED 4 worthy of trying because going through or beyond the frames of society allows you define what goodness truly means for you; and it is important to determine goodness in a way you see it, but not in a way religions and society want from
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