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Growing up I was consumed by an interesting assortment of music. Musical influences were thrown at me from all directions. Whether it was the rock and roll and punk rock music my dad listened to, or the country and pop music my mom listened to, my ears were always full of different arrays of music. Having my grandma blasting gospel music and my older sister jamming Disney, music became a very influential part of my childhood. As a young child, I found myself drawn to Disney music. I loved the stories that were told and the different voices and tones that were used throughout the works. The melodies of Disney music pulled my little ears in and brought me to a world of magic and fairy tales. My family grew up in a wealthy community, you could…show more content…
I did not understand the meaning of the lyrics being sung, or better yet screamed. The rhythms and melodies’ did not come across as pleasing as Disney songs, and they definitely did not carry my imagination to an enchanted world. During my youth, Gospel music was something I became a fan of, only because of the fact that I looked up to my grandma; I wanted to be just like my grandma and becoming a fan of Gospel music made me feel as if I was closer to being just like her. I was a big fan of the music my mom listened to: country and pop. It was something that brought my mother and I together. Many times we would be in the car singing and dancing to the tunes she would blast through the speakers. It was not until my middle school days when I began to grow an appreciation for more than just pop, country, and Disney music. It was my first day of 6th grade and I walked into my choir class. I remember my teacher, Mrs. Grady, standing by the door welcoming all of us students by singing. In that classroom, there was an abundance of happiness and joy and because of that I began to associate those feelings with music. We sang all different kinds of music. We pulled the music apart, we deciphered the lyrics; I soon began to understand that there was a greater meaning to music than just taking me to a mythical

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