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Effective pain relief for gout Anyone affected with gout knows that it can be severe and debilitating and thus, pain management is the most vital aspect of helping yourself. With some simple tips such as getting proper rest, applying ice and taking right medications can make it fairly easy for you to manage a painful gout. In most cases, it is believed that gout attacks are common among people who are overweight and obese and have been drinking way too much than normal along with lots of greasy foods to surge their cholesterol levels. Such people can also have high blood sugar and high blood pressure which further worsen gout attack. In older times, the big toe was the commonest of all body organs to be affected by gout. But in recent times, gout seems to attack the knees, wrists and even fingers. According to expert doctors, gout is the most common form of arthritis and the number of affected people is higher than that of rheumatoid arthritis.…show more content…
Diets high in sea foods and meat should also be avoided. You must talk to a doctor regarding all the medicines that you take as you could be unknowingly taking any pills which is causing gout pain. If you were not having any medicines meant to lower the uric acid levels, don't take them after the gout attack has started. They won't be able to heal the pain but contribute to worsening it. Apply ice on the affected area: Some people fail to tolerate any kind of pressure on the gout affected joint. But if you can tolerate the pressure of ice, you should apply an ice pack which would reduce the inflammation and decrease pain and swelling to a great extent. If your feet are affected particularly, then you should keep them at an elevated level. This can be done by propping up a footstool or a pillow and it can be a pain relief for gout. You should take off all sorts of pressure from the affected area until the attack passes. Drink enough

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