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The Government at Work: The 3 Branches. The government works in many ways, checking one another and balancing the powers out. One of the greatest compromises in the United States is the separation of powers- or the forming of our own three branches of the government. This allows the government to divide out the tasks of running a nation into branches that focus on different matters pressing our laws, economy and justice. With the Legislative branch, you have the power to make and pass laws. For the executive branch, the power to execute and carry out the laws.and for the judicial branch, deciding if the law is constitutional or not is a very important matter. The system of checks and balances also comes into play with the government: each branch has the power to veto, or deny, any law or action they deem unfit for our nation. This helps make sure that one branch does not rule or overpower the other branches. This way, every branch of the government is separate but equal. The Legislative branch of the government is the second to be listed in the Constitution. The Legislative branch has the power to make and pass laws, and it is divided into the House of Representatives and the Congress: separated to keep the smaller states happy about the population-based government by placing 2 senators from each state…show more content…
The Speaker of the House runs the Senate, rules on questions the Senate may have, signs legislation, and acts as an official spokesperson for the Senate. Another job would be the The Senate President Pro Templore, who assumes all the jobs of the Speaker of the House in their absence. Majority leaders develop a calendar and lead majority debates, and minority leaders develop the minority position and lead minority debates. Lastly, the Majority and Minority Party Whips count votes and make sure that everyone from their parities is in
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