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In this chapter the main reason is the government. It’s going to be defined and analyzed the role of the Singaporean’s government in tourism industry. Also, rules and regulations applied for the tourists from the government and the given rights. 5.1 Government as a stakeholder Governments in every country have a specific role in tourism industry, Singapore is not an exception. Governments are the first sector of the country which encourage the tourism development within a country, through organization governmental and non which exist in different level, like hierarchy. Governments are using strategies in order to succeed their target in any aspect. 5.2 Role of the government The Singaporean government spend S$2 billion (Series, 2013) in order to develop the tourism industry in the country and…show more content…
Littering, like throwing bottles and cans around the area in Singapore is not acceptable and the person who will not follow it needs to be ready for the consequences. • Smoking, is prohibited in some areas in Singapore. People who would like to smoke need to be in places which are not air-conditioning, such as malls or areas were pedestrians are walking or areas that provide outdoor facilities, like fitness or playgrounds. • Another rule which is not acceptable in Singapore is show to public your homosexuals desires, as according to the government and the religion is against the nature of people. • In US and in other countries, including Singapore, passing a street which is not designed for people to pass is also not allowed and it can be fined. • In Singapore, not flushing the toilet is a way to break the law, and if you get caught the consequences will be to pay a high cost fine. • And last, vandalism in public and/ or private areas and import or use of drugs is surely not allowed in Singapore, which means that you are preparing a place in

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