Essay On Government Intervention

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For many countries, it is vital that the government is successful at meeting the citizen’s needs. Each nation will need different forms of government depending on their requirements of the community. Examples of different types of government include communism, which consists of a lot of government intervention. Other states will require a night watchman government approach, which may involve a lot of competition between enterprises, to achieve the maximum amount of profit but also leading to lower prices for consumers. In a highly capitalist economy, where profits are seen to dominate, there has often been high rates of unemployment as there is not much government intervention to ensure equality or provide regulation, meaning the elite will…show more content…
Each economy has a different degree of intervention from the government. On the radical side of the spectrum we have countries such as North Korea. This is one of the world’s most centrally planned and least open economy. The government is one of the biggest enterprises in North Korea. This economy is extremely regulated, supervised and censorship plays a big part. Even though it is evident that some government intervention is beneficial, from a lot of research and practical application, this type of extreme intervention may not be the most suitable, as we can see in North Korea, which faces enduring economic problems. A more practical version of government involvement in the economy would be a mixed economy, perhaps a welfare state, to ensure equal distribution of wealth and resources. An example of this would-be Ireland or the UK. To conclude, there is very few states in the world who have managed to run a government that has not needed to intervene in the economy. Even the most libertarian economy would agree that certain intervention is necessary such as protection of the economy. Full intervention is not necessary, especially in most cases, but it would seem there is certain services that the government needs to provide to the citizen and the economy to allow for
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