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The Effects of the U.S. Government Shutdown A government shutdown is the name for the process the Executive Branch must take, when the House of Representatives and the Senate cannot agree on how to budget and fund sectors of the government properly (Absolutely, 1). The United States government had a shutdown, which lasted from October 1st until October 16th. This shutdown cost the government and taxpayers $500 million in lost spending by visitors to closed national parks and stalled oil drilling permits (Federal, 1). This action that was taken disrupted private industries, including the Alaskan King Crab fishing industry. This fishing industry is a very lucrative and vital asset to the Alaskan economy and other connecting economies. The…show more content…
This makes boat owners very vulnerable to a non-profit year. On average, a boat fishing for King Crab makes around $850 million. Boat owners get 50% of that which leaves them with $425 million with expenses still remaining (Alaskan Seafood, 1). “Owners are accumulating costs of about $1,000 a day for such expenses as insurance, mortgage fees and food for crew members” (Deadliest Catch' Fishery, 1). Holding the boats just days before the season starts, and the accumulating cost of sitting at the docks, has frustrated many boat owners. Keith Colburn, the owner of The Wizard, told fox reporters that the government shutdown really cut down on the profits of these fishers. He says that the main buyers of the crabs are the Japanese markets during the holiday seasons. And that they have to get the crabs to Japan by November, or they risk missing out on the main portion of their sales (Deadliest Catch's' Keith, 1). If the Japanese do not get their crabs by that time, then they will gladly go to the Russian market, which has been clouded by questionable practices. Much of the Russian crabs are being poached and exported illegally (Alaskan Seafood, 1). These practices will be more empowered and heightened by the shortened king crab season in Alaska. The U.S. government not only took away millions from the U.S. economy, but also encouraged the shady fishing of Russian King

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