Essay On Goya's Execution Of The Defenders Of Madrid

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The painting ‘Execution of the Defenders of Madrid’ is a painting that Goya done for a response to war. Goya painted this work when commissioned by the Spanish Government and it took him 6 years to complete, after the event took place. It was about Napoleons French soldiers in retaliation to the Spanish resistance. Goya really captures the emotion and horror with his tonal contrasts and strong colours. The audience can feel the empathy towards the man depicted in a white shirt, arms outstretched like Jesus dying on the cross. Waiting to face the firing squad and ultimately reach his death. Goya also paints horrible images behind the scenes as ghoulish monsters painted as an enemy of war sneaking up on their prey, like animals ready to attack. His overall view represents irrational world take over, his paintings are of darkness and despair this…show more content…
Died 16th April 1828 Aged 82 in Bordeaux France. His nationality was Spanish and he was known for his most moving war of arts. “He lived to paint and painted to live” After failing eyesight and a stroke which left him paralysed on his right side and poor access to painting materials , he died and was buried on the 16th April 1828 aged 82. He was returned to Spain. Guernica is a painting by famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. It was painted as a reaction to the bombing of Guernica, Spain by German and Italian forces during the Spanish Civil War in 1937. Guernica shows the violent change in war as well as the sorrow and destruction it inflicts upon people, especially innocent civilians. The colours of Guernica are black, white and grey. It is an oil painting on canvas, measuring 11 feet tall by 25.6 feet wide and is on display at the Museo Reina Sofia (Spain’s national museum) in Madrid. The work of art was completed by Picasso in June, 1937 and it shows wild disorder, people and animals suffering, with buildings in disarray- torn apart by violence and
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