Essay On Grade Inflation

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Students are fully aware of the positive and negative consequences of grade inflation whether it is something as simple as a grade curve or as drastic as a student trying to bargain their way into graduation. However, another smaller issue that arises is the “participation trophy.” When doing something, everyone gets an equal amount of victory. When discussing this topic in class, I realized that many of my peers saw participation trophies and inflated grades as one in the same. Both items apparently trigger narcissism and false hope in children. I choose to disagree. Grade inflation and participation trophies are both controversial aspects of a student’s life, but they are not the same. Each issue has its own causes and solutions. To me, grade…show more content…
When concerning grading, students must remember that learning is a process, made through a path of well-defined steps. A participation trophy acknowledges an early step. It is definitely not the final step, but it is still important for a developing child. Whit Honea, an author and parent quoted in the CNN article, explains that “he does believe they [trophies] reward effort, not the final outcome.” While winning and participation is not the same thing, it’s possible for the latter to lead to what a child strives for. For example, I worked at a children’s theatre over the summer, which rewarded campers with participation certificates for finishing a week of camp. When discussing this during training, our education director told me, “Sometimes the biggest accomplishment for a child is just getting up on stage.” Sometimes it was understandable to see some of the older kids scoff at their certificate, but I know that is because they didn’t need it. However, a small child who had never performed is might need to be given something to show that their effort was worthy enough to be rewarded. That might have been what they needed at that specific point in their
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