Essay On Graffiti Art

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In my opinion graffiti is art, I stand by this claim because i have a friend who does graffiti and she is a wonderful artist with or without a spray paint can, but graffiti is how my friend got into putting the work on canvases instead of walls on streets and in abandoned houses. As said in “A Nod From The Art World” recognition by the art world and inclusion in galleries and auctions in a way has legitimized graffiti as a real art form.
Graffiti has started to be recognized as real art as it should be, it has started to be put in museums and finally getting the recognition it deserves. I believe this because i see graffiti as art, whether it is just a tag or a whole mural because either way it is someone trying to express themselves. The only reason other people do not see it as art is because it is on public or private it property which makes it illegal and vandalism. If these people were doing these things on canvases people would applaud them and tell the how good they are doing and how wonderful their art is, but because the first thing they think of when they hear the word graffiti is dirty they think poorly of it. George C. Stowers states that “on aesthetic criteria graffiti has to be considered an art form.” it is an art form because people have made it that and by making it that and then denying it to the
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Another argument you might have is that it is still a crime and on public and private property i cannot argue that, but people spray painting isthose places another place to express themselves i think the problem would solve itself maybe not entirely but vandalism would most likely go down
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