Essay On Greco Fresh Grille Interview

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A simple question the interviewer was asking, yet I couldn’t answer. As I sat in the stiff, uncomfortable chair inside Greco Fresh Grille, a local greek restaurant, I vacantly stared at the tall, grown man across from me. I foraged through my brain to remember the question he asked but all I could think about were the white spots covering my face. My worries were overpowering my focus on the important task at hand, to get my first job. Each time the man looked at me I was diffident to make eye contact and revealing my pale, white spots. I remember that morning I covered my face with makeup hoping to even out my skin tones. During the interview, I could feel my face drying up under the mask I managed to put on my face. I was making my answers immensely short to surcease the interview and go home. Towards the end, my worries about my white spots started to invade my awareness of my surroundings as…show more content…
I would put layers of clothing and makeup on to just be “normal” and eliminate any possible stereotype, when I was instead increasing my self consciousness. My self conscious and eczema conjointly, took over the best of me. My comfort zone was very limited and small; sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities that involved standing out were not my forte. I didn’t take the chances to try exotic activities that I could surprise myself in being interested in. The idea of being involved formulated the assumption that I would have direct contact with an unfamiliar face. Feeling they would analyze my face, I wanted to meticulously explain my imperfection, yet that would draw more attention to them. Instead, I decided to remain secluded other than from the group of friends that knew about my eczema. I didn’t take the chance to find my strengths and weaknesses because of my constant worry of my
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