Essay On Greek Gods

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Greek and Aztec gods and goddesses played a major role in the religion of their respected ancient societies. The Greek and Aztec people created their gods in order to explain natural occurrences and phenomenons in the world around them. In Greek culture, the gods looked and acted like humans and felt similar emotions, making them easily relatable, while the Aztec gods were viewed completely differently and were not similar to humans at all. However, Greek gods, including Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades have had a much greater impact on today’s society than the Aztec gods, such as Huitzlopochtli, Tlaloc, and Quetzalcoatl. Greek Mythology had a great influence on modern day sports and the olympics, which were held in honor of the gods in ancient Greece. The olympics were held in order to allow men to show off their physical abilities, but more importantly were, “held in honour of Zeus every single time” in order to appease him (“Greek Mythology and Western Civilization”). The Olympics stopped being held after many centuries, but started again in 1896 all around the world. They continue to be held today, but are no longer to praise the gods, but are simply for athletes to showcase their abilities and bring pride and honor to their countries. The torch of the Olympics and the awards ceremony that were in the first Olympics are…show more content…
Moreover, many words, phrases, and roots in the English language, as well as some others, come from Greek gods and myths. Numerous movies have been created based off of ancient Greek myths as well. However, Aztec gods, which were loyally worshipped by the Aztecs, played an incredibly large role in their society and daily lives, but were forgotten and left behind by the modern world as the Aztecs faded away. Because of this, Greek gods and goddesses have influenced the world immensely more than Aztec
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