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History Greek food is loved throughout the world. It is one of the cultures that shares their unique recipes and allows people to indulge in their cooking. It is not uncommon to hear that people from all backgrounds, with no Greek ties, will list their favourite meal or dessert and to find out it is of Greek origin. Greek history can be very complex and confusing but without all the complications a rich culture would not have emerged. It all began with two civilisations, one on the island of Crete (known as the Minoan Era) and the other on the mainland of Greece (Mycenaean Era). During first civilisation (around 2700 BC) many of the characteristics of the Crete people such as their artistry, myths and writing spread to the people living on…show more content…
Olives have an acquired taste and are often disliked by those unfamiliar to the Mediterranean diet. Fortunately, there are so many types of olives, it would be difficult not to find one you like. The Ancient Greeks believed that olives kept you healthy, and from then on they began preserving them in vinegar and herbs trying to improve the bitter taste of a freshly picked olive. Green olives are the unripe olives and black olives are the ripe olives. Each community or village in Greece is known for their local olives, or a preparation method that is unique to them. Olive oil is a staple item in most Greek households and one of their main exports. Greek Olive oil, especially their Extra-Virgin, is a desirable product for its quality and flavour it provides. Olive oil was never only used in cooking but also to light lamps and in found in perfumes. The bakeries in Greece are busy with everyone buying fresh bread to put on the table at mealtime. A Greek meal is never complete without dipping some bread into the saucy remains on your plate. In most cultures this would be seen as rude or as bad table manners but is a common practice around a Greek

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