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What was your opinion on Greek Life before you joined your sorority?
Before I didn’t know much about it. I was in a professional music fraternity that I joined, Gamma Rho and they were professional so I didn’t really know anything about Greek Life until I met my ex-boyfriend and I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I never actually heard anything about Greek Life until I got into it and then started hearing about it in the media and stuff.
What made you decide to join a sorority?
My ex. He kind of got me into it and I met some of the sisters from Beta Gamma Delta and it kind of just clicked.
When did you rush your sorority and how was the process?
I didn’t rush, I was performing at a talent show when the President of BGD was there and she gave me an early bid and I accepted. That happened in the end of October
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With my sorority I absolutely loved them, I still love them and I’m sad that I had to drop but there might be some specific people in fraternities and sororities that are the ones that caused the big problems and then everyone automatically associates them with all of Greek Life. I don’t think that’s right, I think Greek Life is a really good thing and especially if you’re going to do something where there is people in your specific fraternity or sorority that can give you the connections you need. It also builds up your self-esteem and it builds up being able to talk in front of people. You’re going to be able to learn time management and organizing events and whatnot, so I honestly think Greek Life is a really good thing and it’s great to have it at college because it helps build up college students throughout the process of going through classes and stuff. You have classes and homework but then with Greek Life you have philanthropy events to go to, you might have a position in your fraternity or sorority that you might have to do stuff for and whatnot, so I believe that it’s a good
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