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Green colour Introduction What is green colour ? Is your favourite colour green?Green is a secondary colour, it is made by mixing together blue and yellow.Green is the most common colour in nature.The name green originates from the middle English word Grene.Its the colour of nature. Did you know that green is the second favourite colour in the world ? Green is a colour found in the rainbow so we can see it as white light falls into an object all other colour are absorbed other than green.when the green rays bounce off , we can see the colour. There are many shades of green. Psychological effects Green colour can have many postive and negative effects on a person.Have you noticed that in cartoons the colour green shows sickness ?It…show more content…
Effect of green at different ages; Green is an energizing colour so brighter shades are more preferred by children and light pastel shades are liked by the older age group.Young people seem to like green more than older people. Also men and women like green equally.Did you know that green is the colour our eyes are most sensitive to, that is why night vision cameras are in green . Green in marketing Green marketing is a widely used concept.Green marketing is where environmentally friendly products that can be recycled are made.This is done to conserve and protect the environment . Green in architecture In interior; Did you know London’s Blackfrair Bridge's suicide rate went down once it was painted green?Green is commonly used in libraries and dining rooms as this is a refreshing ,calm and harmonious colour.It also shows a connection to nature but too much green can make a room cold. Green is the colour of a garden.Obviously the most common colour used in gardening.Having a completely green garden can show simplicity and
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