Essay On Green House Effect

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Enhanced greenhouse effect is the aftermath of the rise of atmospheric gases also known as greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and fluorinated gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. With the constant emissions of greenhouse gases being produced daily, there is an enormous imbalance being created that strengthens the greenhouse effect. Considering the fact that there are already greenhouse gases with the ability to trap heat that naturally occurs in the Earth’s atmosphere to help maintain the warmth of the Earth, any additional amounts of these greenhouse gases will lead to an increase of trapped heat on the planet. Any further increase in the amount of heat will affect the Earth’s weather patterns along with global warming. The greenhouse effect is an essential element to help maintain our planet warm to be able to sustain life. However, human activities are enhancing the greenhouse effect by adding excess greenhouse gases to the Earth’s atmosphere. In this century, greenhouse gas levels are at its maximum compared to the past 3 million years and has been steadily increasing. This is due to the rise in human activities. For an example, deforestation is a major cause of global…show more content…
The increased in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere boost the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in the oceans. Dissolved carbon dioxide in the ocean water results in the formation of carbonic acid that causes acidification. This brings to the extinction of aquatic organisms that will disturb food webs and human societies that rely on the services of the marine ecosystem will be badly affected. Other than that, one of the most drastic effects of global warming is the rising of sea levels. Indeed, there are erosion in some islands caused by the world’s oceans rising four to eight inches. Occupants on low-lying islands have had to relocate to a higher ground to avoid
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