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Getting people to change their habits and regular routine is one of the most difficult parts of making any household even marginally environmentally friendly, so why not instill a green mindset while they’re young? Being green doesn’t always have to involve things like removing energy efficient light bulbs or installing solar panels; artists around the world have been using recycled materials to create masterpieces for decades now, so why not let your little creators do the same? Whether you have a career in education, childcare or just have a couple small bright minds of your own, these arts and crafts ideas are sure to be a hit, both with the kids and the climate!

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Nowadays it is much easier to do away with the craft and buy a readymade plastic piece instead. Hemp rope is a great alternative to environmentally costly plastics, and just as easy to use. There are hundreds of different ways to make all kind of patterns and designs and we have three easy steps to help you get started:

You need two long strands of hemp. Each one should be about the length of the person who intends to wear it (hint: by increasing the length, you can just as easily make a necklace instead). We suggest about 3 to 5 feet in length.
Next, match the ends of the two strands up and fold them in half, tying a knot at the fold. The end needs to be stable, so tape or pin it to a chair, or your pants.
Now comes the tricky part. You will have four strands of hemp, which you need to separate into two outer pieces and two inner pieces, the latter of which will remain stationary. Cross one of the outer strands across the top of the inner strands, and the other outer strand across the bottom of the inner strands. The end of each inner strand should then be pulled LOOSELY through the loop created by the other strand crossing the inner two. Once both outer strands are in position, pull on the ends to close the loops. Congratulations—you have made your first knot! Now, just repeat this step until you’ve completed your

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