Essay On Gregor And Susan Peters In The Metamorphosis

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I chose Susan Peters to compare to Gregor. Susan Peters became paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in a duck hunting accident. From then on, she had to use a wheelchair to get around. Gregor and Susan Peters both face difficulties in their life. They’re different because Gregor’s whole identity changed, and Susan Peters lost her ability to use her legs. One way Susan Peters and Gregor are similar is they both are limited on their freedom. For example, Susan Peters has to use her wheelchair everywhere she goes, so she is limited on what she can do, she can’t go swimming or running. For Gregor, because he is an insect, he can’t just go out of the house and do whatever he wants and he can’t go out and have a conversation with anyone,…show more content…
Gregor’s situation is not realistic to Susan Peters, because even though they both experienced a life change, turning into an insect is not realistic, but becoming paralyzed can happen from multiple different things. I do think that the meaning behind The Metamorphosis relates to the situation of Susan Peters, because it was out of her control, her whole life changed and she had to figure out how to deal with it. Comparing fiction and nonfiction enhances a story because it can have a mix of realistic and nonrealistic things to make the story more interesting. Some advantages are you can include anything that is unrealistic or realistic in your story to make it interesting and make people wanna keep reading it. Some disadvantages are your story could be realistic with some unrealistic things and people might not know and get the wrong idea and think it is realistic. Fiction can imitate life, even if an event hasn’t happened, it is possible for it to happen in real life. I think fictional struggles are more interesting because anything can happen and the outcome can be unrealistic but
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