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Benefits of Grounding I. Grounding is a way of reconnecting to the earthing energy. Also is a good reminder that we all need the earth to survive and that we eat from the earth. What grounding does in that process of walking barefoot on the ground is it gives the free electrons from the earth and brings it to the body and the surface of the red blood cells. The health benefits of daily grounding include decreasing stress, strengthening and stretching in muscles, while also decreasing anxiety and depression. II. The process of grounding outside barefoot. A. Its easy go outside take off your shoes and socks, find a patch of grass or dirt, stand in that patch for at least 15 minutes to really feel the benefits. 1. Some good grounding surfaces…show more content…
Walking barefoot and walking outside A. Only need to walk outside barefoot for at least a half hour a day. 1. Grounding can restore the body’s natural electrical balances. a. Grounding can have a short term or a long term effect depends on the person, and sometimes you could feel the effects quite fast or slow and again also depends on the person everyone’s different. B. Working out outside in nature rather than inside in a gym. 1. To many people today think going to the gym as a chore, but working out in nature is all about being in the moment rather then to feel like you have to achieve something. 2. Yes, we all can do indoor excises such as a treadmill in the gym. But without being outside you will miss out on all the health benefits of staying grounded. VII. Grounding benefits of the brain activity and the magnets. A. The brain activity changes so do the muscle activity this is all measured by the electroencephalograms. 1. Within a half hour there will be dramatic changes recorded almost instantly with a couple of seconds of grounding B. Magnets cannot provide any free electrons like the earth can also they can’t connect with the natural balancing. 1. But they do produce some therapeutic effects when they are properly

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