Effective Group Communication Essay

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The interaction between three to nine people who are working together to achieve an interdependent goal is called group communication. Whereas a process of using communication to influence the behaviors and attitudes of others to meet group goals is leadership. Within a given day, human beings rely on the ability to communicate as a means of transferring information. Whether we speak, listen, write notes or letters, email, or text message, the process of communicating thoughts, ideas, and feelings is something we find to be important but typically give little thought to. In organized group situations, the art of good communication helps build trust and respect. It fosters a positive learning environment and can set the stage for the group to…show more content…
Technology is now a great resource for effective group communication. Technology is a great way for large groups to share their ideas. Often, groups can become so large that it is difficult for all the members to meet at the same time and place. Additionally, in large groups it can be difficult to allow everyone's ideas to be heard. Through various platforms such as email, Google Groups, Blackboard, Facebook, and others, it is possible for group members to share their ideas in an organized manner so they can be read by others at their own leisure. While leadership styles may vary with person and situation, it is always important for leaders to remember their role in the group. Effective leaders both participate in the group and work to achieve the overall goal of the group, guiding members in the right direction. Effective leaders will build mutually respectful relationships with their group members. Having a rapport with group members allows leaders to better understand members' actions and increase their cooperation. Finally, effective leaders facilitate excellent communication amongst the group. Great communication leads to better and more effective idea generation and less conflict
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