Positive Effects Of Group Conflict

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Conflict is happened when two or more individuals have different and incompatible opinions, values and needs. Every kind and size of group will occurred group conflict even an effective group also cannot avoidable. Conflict is an inseparable part of people’s life. After we conducted an interview with basketball team of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), we found that there have three main group conflicts such as practice time, player selection and tactics using on basketball match. Thus, they would argue about these issues by using some rude words and discourtesy sentences until the group conflict is occurred.

However, their group conflict can be dealt with a good communication, understanding and respecting differences among the group
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This is due to conflicts caused the group members actively listen to each other since they need to solve conflict. Thus, they are more willing to share their opinion with other members of the group and try to understand the opinion of each other. So, these lead and help the group members to learn more about each other and then indirectly improve their performance. If the conflict is absent, a group cannot realize that inefficiencies are existed. Indeed, a research conducted by Schulz-Hardt, Jochims, and Frey (2002) showed that teams made better decisions when prediscussion preferences were in disagreement rather than agreement. A constructive conflict can give group members a chance to identify the problems and see the opportunities. Also, it can inspire to new ideas, learning, and growth among individuals (Kinicki and Kreitner,…show more content…
Cooperation is quite important in every kind of group as well as a basketball team so that they can share same goal and cooperate to accomplish it. Based on our interview findings, a basketball team working together to set up the perfect shot, every team members have their specific role to play in accomplishing the tasks. Even though, it may seem as if one player scored the basket, that basket was made possible by many people’s planning, coordination, and cooperation to get that player the ball. When a group is cooperate to achieve their group goals, that’s mean there is a strong team commitment to succeed (Critchley & Case,
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