Essay On Group Treatment

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Offenders often look for a specific type of child to abuse. They are attracted to passive, quiet, troubled, lonely children who are often from a single parent home or broken family (Understand the Risk Factors). They also look for children who are trusting and work to establish a trusting relationship before the abuse occurs; the offender can also try to establish a trusting relationship with the family (Understand the Risk Factor). Children who live with their biological, married parents have the lowest risk for being sexually abused (Understanding the Risk Factors). The risk increases when children live with step-parents or a single parent, also when they live without either parent they are ten times more likely to be sexually abused (Understanding…show more content…
It’s not always easy to identify the problem when treating these victims. Some children present different symptoms than others and some don’t have any at all, which makes things even more complicated. If the children aren’t affected by the abuse treatment can help to prevent re-victimization, promote healthy coping, and educate parents. Group treatment is becoming more popular and studied due to its effectiveness, which is the main treatment discussed in this section. According to Hetzel-Riggin, Brausch, & Montgomery, this group treatment is provided to groups of children with mixed levels and types of symptoms. This allows children and parents to learn that other families have also gone through abuse too, which could help reduce feelings of isolation (Hetzel-Riggin, Brausch, & Montgomery, 2007). “The group setting also allows for opportunities to enhance social skills, practice new behaviors with peers (e.g., assertiveness), and participate in role-play situations with other group members” (De Luca, Boyes, Furer, Grayston, & Hiebert-Murphy, 1992). Another plus to this treatment is the cost effective modality, letting multiple children be treated at
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