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Growth Mindset Definition Essay In this paper I will be explaining the concepts of a growth mindset, a growth mindset is when people appreciate a challenge. I will not only be talking about the definition, but I will also tell you what a person with a growth mindset is like, they are optimistic. They would rather solve a problem they run away from it. I will go into depth about how they act when faced with certain challenges and everyday things in life such as relationships or stretching their abilities. When in a relationship, they want to do help build their relationship. When stretching their abilities, they will go above and beyond what they thought they could do. I will talk about how setback can affect them, and how sometimes a growth mindset can become a setback if not approached correctly. The last thing I will talk about it how genetic makeup does not determine one’s abilities. A growth mindset is when people appreciate a challenge, they don’t mind failing. The person would rather fail and learn from their mistake then keep …show more content…

When faced with a setback, they are very calm and collected about it. If someone with a growth mindset is having a bad day they will find ways to make the day better. They won’t act like it’s the end of the world, rather they will find the good in the situation. How can a growth mindset can become a setback if not approached correctly? So, when you have a growth mindset you want to be challenged, you want to try new things. However, accomplishment can become a major setback, when someone succeeds you want to give them praise; “good job!” or “I’m so proud of you!” As you go one the challenges get harder, eventually the person will want to stick with the challenges they are good at. So, when you are challenging someone, and they succeed, rather than praising them just tell them; “good job, now let’s move on to the next task.” This will help them be less scared on

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