Gun Control History

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In the United States of America, gun control has been an issue that has become more controversial issue over the past 10 years. This is a discussion of the history of gun control in New York. Gun control is the legal restriction on the distribution and sales of firearms. We will be looking into the restrictions of gun control through the 1920-present day will be explored and focusing on New York state as a whole not one general area. From this overview, insight into the cause, purpose, and effect of gun control will be analyzed.
One cause of gun control in New York is due to the amount of crime committed. New York's crime rate has caused legislators to create laws against guns in the state. For example, on the evening of december 7th, 1993
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For example, in the state of Virginia legislation has been passed that will allow people to buy no more than one handgun per month. This in theory should serve as a deterrent of any criminal who wants to purchase more than one. Yet before that black market professionals were purchasing firearms in the state of Virginia and then smuggling them into states and cities like New York, Baltimore, and Washington. we know this because as much as a quarter of New York City's handguns can be traced back to the state of Virginia. With this new legislation in place this will directly affect New York as there should be less black markets for firearms in the state. This will be beneficial to mostly all parties because for any regular gun owner they should not need to purchase more than one handgun at a time. It is legislation like this that will further benefit new york state and in hopes reduce crimes and shootings among people.
A final example of the effects of gun control is the restrictions on certain types of weapons in New York. While legislation to prevent firearms is in some way good new york has taken it a step further with the band on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. One person who supports this is known as judge William m Skretny, he upheld the state's banned and foun deemed valid under the U.S
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This form of treatment takes care of the dangerous criminals such as terrorist from gaining access to firearms which would help prevent mass attacks even potentially as recent as the Las Vegas shooting even though the suspect allegedly was not on any wanted list nor had a major criminal background the point still stands that there are people who are blocked from doing things like things. Andrew Cuomo and U.S senator Charles Schumer both had came out to agree on this issue and are working to make it more
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