Essay On Gun Control In Texas

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Gun Control: Firearms Illegal in Texas Elementary Schools
Today in America, the government is slowly providing laws and policies that reflect a safe society for its citizens to live comfortably. On the other hand, the laws in specific states, are less-limiting by not restricting specific criminal acts. In some states, like the state of Texas, students in elementary educational level can go to school as well as the teachers, and parents can know that they will be safe. In extreme situations, like a shooting, the state of Texas would need to improve the laws on gun control because it is the most effective way to stay safe in elementary schools.
The gun ownership in this specific state is more accessible and let qualified applicants carry any firearms that are under the limitations of the law provided. In addition, citizens, and including the majority of responsible law abiding gun owners, understand we should change the laws related to gun control in the state of Texas. Having in mind that states with the most gun laws tend to have the fewest guns deaths. The
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As previously stated, not everyone in the United States wants to completely disappear the second amendment of the constitution. As we know that Texas is one of the states that is on favor of gun rights, and is less likely to get strict gun control laws. Teachers in elementary schools have the opportunity to share the importance of safety against any attacks to their elementary schools to young students. Parents have also the opportunity to approve for teachers to teach about these topics. If parents continue to ask for these teachings to help their children realize the importance of these safety educational topics, districts of these elementary schools will begging to hear the controversy, so will the government eventually. Elongating the chances for the state legislature to take action and provide
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