Why Guns Are Bad

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Imagine that you end up dying due to the use of a dangerous gun. According to Opposing Viewpoints in Context, “Guns are the cause of thirty-three thousand deaths in the US each year.” Ever since guns were made they have been a problem to humans across the globe. Now laws are being put into place in hope of stopping these problems. People now argue daily over whether or not these laws are truly making a difference. This paper will examine the problems, laws, and response to guns over the past decades. First of all, guns have been a huge problem for many citizens lives in the US today. Guns in a crime are a lot more likely to cause a death than other weapon, so laws are put in place to stop this. (Zimring 440) With so much power, guns are…show more content…
Gun control is the laws that are set in place to restrict people’s ability to sell and use firearms. (“Gun”) This is what people refer to as gun laws. Gun control didn’t even start in the United States until the Prohibition era from 1920-1933. During this time there were a lot of violent mobs who used small submachine guns to kill others. This then spread throughout the country, so Congress made the first gun law in 1927 that banned all handguns and other concealable guns from being sold.(“Gun”) This was definitely needed for people's lives back then. The supreme court first made it legal for citizens to keep a loaded handgun in their homes in 2008. (“Gun”) This sure did make some happy citizens. The gun control laws are put in place for two reasons. One is to stop criminals from obtaining any firearms. The second is to keep high-risk guns off the market. (Zimring 440) This is very important when attempting to stop criminal from weapons. People do use guns for legitimate reasons such as protection of homes, hunting, and target shooting. Therefore they do not want to put laws in place that limit this from normal citizens.(Zimring 440) This is the hard part when making laws because citizens can easily get unhappy." Many more laws come in over the years in hope of stopping crime, but it didn’t always please the…show more content…
In the US today there are many arguments about gun laws, as the Republicans want the ability to use guns and the Democrats want there to be more laws to protect the people. (“Gun”) This has caused many problems over the years. Part of the problem is everyone is confused over what the law means. (“Gun”) There have been many times when the court has made different rulings on the same court case causing confusion. People argue that taking away these guns from normal abiding citizens does not stop criminals from obtaining these weapons. (Zimring 441) Nobody knows if this is true or not, but it is a legitimate argument for those who want the ability to own guns. They also argue that criminals would be less likely to commit a crime if they know that the victim is armed. (Zimring 441) This could be true as well, but there have been no dramatic difference in the number of deaths without or with the laws. Some also argue that gun control laws take away people’s second amendment right to bear arms. (Zimring 441) This all depends on what court rules as the definition of the second amendment. People will continue to argue over what they think is right, and it would just be easier if they agreed on one
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