Essay On Gun Ownership

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Gun Ownership Gun ownership has raised up a great dispute in the United States (U.S.) because people do not know whether they help or if they make things worse. To understand better on how common it is for civilians to own guns the study from Small Arms Survey will help, “in 2007 there were about 875 million guns in the world combining civilians and law enforcement and out of all those guns the U.S. has the first place in civilian gun ownership with 270 million. The percentage ownership is 89 out of 100 people own a gun.” (Karp) The U.S. is the country with the most guns in the world, therefore, the country has to go over the current laws and fix them if needed, the homeowners have to provide a safe place for their families and they also have…show more content…
Guns are attractive to kids, therefore, a secure place like a lockbox is the best option and another option is somewhere hidden and away from the reach of kids and even trespassers. Pros and posted an article saying “Guns do not kill the people but it is the people that need the education and it is their responsibility to know how to handle and how to keep a gun secure. Education about guns to kids is a good choice because it prepares them and avoids accidents. Having the training also help to stop bad people but on the other hand, many people do not know what to do because they lack the tactics that are needed to confront a thief, therefore, the danger goes higher if there are more guns for the bad guy to use. Another part of having a gun is that arguments tend to go on a higher scale when a gun is present and in extreme cases even with family members, an example is domestic violence because if there is a gun at home the probability of a women getting shot goes up by a 500%” (Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?) keeping the family safe is not an easy task and surely brings a lot of responsibility, with all these in mind there is only one thing left to do and that is or the people to see if guns are effective and if they work against
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