Essay On Gun Safety

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Mass shootings have caught the eye of nation’s focus for public safety is issue.The highest death guns toll has been far less notice by people. Americans that can get their hands on guns have irresistible temptation in moment for despair to have one. Suicide accounts of over thirty thousand about more than of them was involved with firearm. This evidence needs to be considered due to fact that most teen get their firearms from parents left poorly secured and unprotected by fm,embers that have took time out to by firearm for their use. People have many opportunities to take step to make sure that people can not get hold of firearm.There is been high number of death and crimes due to use of firearms. Latest researched showed that more than half of people in their area are able to get their hand on gun and…show more content…
Gun lobbying and industry have horrible campaigns which draw more Americans to buy a gun. So this help them with their profit but puts danger on society around them due to poor decisions. Areas that have high rate for gun sales does not care who has gun because all they worry about is the profit coming into their store every time they sell something. Gun safety is big issue that needs to be consider in areas with high death toll because that where most of use of negligence with guns is happening. Firearms are main cause for crimes and death ,which makes it big cause for control within areas that feel about the poorly use of materials. How are people suppose to give right to second amendment, when people use bear arms in crimes and bodily harm, in eyes of our society need to take measures to keep safety on everyone. These laws are to help everything run smooth and keep the death toll down because it rises more and more with firearms. Statics shows that the poor use is causing damage to not just the person with weapon but people around
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