Essay On Gun Violence In America

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In America, we face a unique predicament. This is unique because the rest of the world does not face this problem on such a large scale. Guns are so accessible to the public that many people own large amounts of guns and ammunition without a logical reason as to why they would need such a large amount. Debates about gun violence often focus on the number of guns that are in circulation. However, the number of guns is not the only source of America’s gun epidemic. The amount of guns people own, along with the untrained or mentally disturbed people who own them, are the main sources of the problem.
The number of guns that the United States has in circulation is a problem, not all of the guns that are involved in gun violence are legal. Many of
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Firearm owners should be taught through a class or workshop how to properly handle their firearm and what is and is not legal use of their firearm then after the course they should be required to take tests on what was taught to determine that they have proper knowledge of what is and is not proper usage of their firearm. Tests should be administered to renew a gun permit and to ensure that they still understand the proper usage of a firearm. Ensuring that as many firearm owners are properly trained as possible is a great step to begin lowering the amount of gun-related crime. Before people are allowed to own a gun they need to take tests to ensure that they are of the correct state of mind to own a gun and properly utilize it. Many of the mass shooters that have murdered mass amounts of people at once are greatly disturbed individuals that despite their mental state were still allowed access to firearms that they used to murder people. If the mass shooters were not allowed access to firearms beforehand due to outstanding mental issues then multiple mass shooting crises could have been prematurely
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